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SKAdNetwork Solutions for Advertisers

Get out-of-the-box support for Apple’s SKAdNetwork and maximize your future growth on iOS.

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The future of in-app, mobile growth campaigns on iOS will depend heavily on Apple’s SKAdNetwork for attribution and performance insights. Position yourself for success with the help of Kochava.

Get the rundown on the latest SKAdNetwork 4.0 updates as of iOS 16.1.

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See where SKAdNetwork attribution plays a vital role

What role does the SKAdNetwork play with Apple’s enforcement of the AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework? See where the SKAdNetwork fits in based on the user’s ATT opt-in or opt-out status in your app, as well as the source app where your ad is served.

Attribution with User Opt-Out

Here are the attribution options when a user opts-out via ATT in your app.

AppTrackingTransparency chart of attribution eligibility from user opt out

Attribution with User Opt-In

Here are the attribution options when a user opts-in via ATT in your app.

AppTrackingTransparency chart of attribution eligibility from user opt in

What is SKAdNetwork, and How Do You Use It?

The AdTech Show: Season 1 – Episode 1

In this episode, we interview Vivian Watt, a product manager at Kochava who has been working intensely with teams to prepare for SKAdNetwork and the forthcoming changes with iOS 14.

Omni-Channel & SKAdNetwork Attribution in One Platform

Kochava combines premium SKAdNetwork attribution data with your attribution data from all other platforms, devices, and channels.

Kochavaomni channelandSKAdNetworksolutiongraphic

Prepare Your App for SKAdNetwork Attribution with Kochava

Easy, Code-free Implementation

Advertiser app calls to the SKAdNetwork are wrapped right into the Kochava SDK, providing code-free implementation of SKAdNetwork for your iOS apps.

SKAdNetwork advertiser app calls
The four Kochava SKAdNetwork conversion models

Maximum Conversion Value Insights

Don’t settle for rudimentary SKAdNetwork conversion value mappings. Leverage four highly configurable conversion models to extract the performance insights you need to optimize your campaigns. Change models any time with no app update required.

Flexible Measurement Windows

Other partners only let you measure conversion value data out to 24 hours or to predefined buckets. With Kochava, you can choose your measurement window anywhere between day 0 to day 7 post-install.

Kochava flexible, configurable measurement window
SKAdNetwork conversion reporting through the Kochava dashboard

Comprehensive Reporting

Analyze and explore performance across your SKAdNetwork campaigns with powerful reporting accessible through the Kochava dashboard, reporting API, and Query. View reporting specs for install and conversion value reports.

Choose the Right SKAdNetwork Conversion Model for You

Learn about SKAdNetwork conversion values and how to choose the right SKAdNetwork conversion model for your app and vertical.

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SKAdNetwork Conversion Models

MMPs remain in the best position for handling your conversion values. Kochava will offer advertisers the ability to configure their SKAdNetwork conversion performance measurement around one of four models. These models can be managed server side without requiring new SDK updates if you choose to switch models.

Highest Value Event Completed
Select multiple events in the user funnel and order by lowest-to-highest value. View user performance based on the highest value event completed by the user within the measurement window.

Select static revenue increments or set custom revenue ranges and view user performance based on how much revenue the user generated within the measurement window.

User Journey
Select multiple events in the user funnel and view performance based on events completed by the user (regardless of order) within the measurement window.

Select your most important user engagement event and view user performance based on the count of times a user completed that event within the measurement window.

SKAdNetwork Certified Partners

Find growth partners optimized for maximum performance with our SKAdNetwork Certification Program.

To find the most up-to-date list of SKAdNetwork Certified Partners, visit the Kochava Media Index, and select ‘SKAD Certified’ in the sidebar filter menu under Type.

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